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Try these 3 Steps if Your Toilet Won’t Flush


If there’s one bathroom plumbing problem, no homeowner likes dealing with it’s a toilet that doesn’t flush. This can be a huge annoyance, especially in homes that use just one bathroom. Luckily, it’s a simple issue that’s easy to fix in many cases. Sometimes it can be done without the help of a Concord, CA plumber.

So how do you fix a toilet that simply refuses to flush? Here are three steps you can take to fix the problem.

1. Adjust the Flapper in the Tank

tankflapperThe most common cause of this bathroom plumbing problem is also the easiest to correct. A poorly seated flapper can stop a toilet from flushing and cause the water to run continuously. This component can be found at the bottom of the toilet tank

It’s the part that opens up and lets water enter the bowl before closing again so the tank can fill back up. The flapper is hooked up to a chain that’s connected to a rod attached to the handle. Pushing the handle lifts up the rod and chain, which opens the flapper.

If you try pushing the handle and no water flows into the bowl, but you hear it running, it’s likely due to the flapper not being seated properly on top of the opening. Several things can cause this, including a worn flapper; a loose chain or the chain got caught beneath the flapper. Sometimes jiggling the handle can fix the problem. If you do this and hear the tank filling up, presto, you’ve done it.

In other cases, you will have to take off the lid of the tank and take direct action. Depending on what’s causing the trouble, you may need to seat the flapper properly, re-attach the chain or remove the chain from under the flapper. The tank should then begin to fill up. Once it’s done, flush the toilet and check to see if the flapper is seated correctly. If so everything should resume as normal and you can put the cover back on.

2. Pour Water Into the Bowl


One way you might force your toilet to flush is by pouring a large amount of water into the bowl itself. Grab a bucket or container and fill it with water, then pour it into the bowl quickly.

The toilet should flush on its own. Make sure you’re not slowly pouring down the water, or the level will only rise. You have to pour enough water in a short period of time for this bathroom plumbing trick to be successful.

3. Contact a Plumber to Search for Clogs

callaprofessionalIn worst-case scenarios, a clog might be the reason your toilet isn’t flushing. If you suspect a clog, try fixing it with a plunger or snake.

If neither of those things works, your best bet is to call a professional bathroom plumbing service. Any clogs in the toilet flange or drain will need to be handled by a technician.



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