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6 Smart Ways to Prevent Blockages in Your Drain

6 smart ways to prevent blockages in your drain

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to get one serious drain blockage and then vow to take steps to never have to deal with this problem again. While taking some of these steps to prevent a drain clog may seem like a hassle, they will help save you the much greater hassle of having to call a plumber to clear the drain and, potentially, having to deal with the damage the clog caused. Here are six smart ways to prevent blockages in your drain.

1. Shower and Drain Screens

One of the best ways to prevent drain clogs in the bathroom and the shower is simply to add a drain screen. This little metal mesh sits just above the drain, catching the hair and anything else that isn’t liquid as it flows down. You’ll have to clean out the drains regularly, but it’s fair better for the plumbing to catch this stuff before it even gets in the drain.

2. Lint Trappers

The same kind of principle applies to the utility sink near your laundry machine. The washing machine catches a lot of lint and pours it right down the drain, where it may form a clog. A lint trapper on the washer’s drain line will prevent this. You’ll have to clean the trap out regularly, but, again, it is better than a clog.

3. Be Careful with Grease, Oil and Starch

These three substances are the cause of a lot of drain clogs. You should avoid putting these down the kitchen sink, the utility sink, or even the toilet. Grease and oil will collect other debris and solidify to form a clog with them. Starch can do this all on its own.

4. Bacterial Drain Cleaner

One of the very few things meant to clean your drains that you can actually pour down them safely is bacterial drain cleaner. These are bacteria that will eat up a lot of the gunk that is in your drains that may end up causing a clog unless it is dealt with. However, you cannot use a bacterial drain cleaner if you have a septic system.

5. Brush Hair Before Showers

Not ready to commit to a shower drain screen? We get it; cleaning up after it is a little gross, and for some people, it is just not worth it. You can stop some of the hair from entering your drain if you brush your hair first. If you’re going to wash your pet in there, brushing them first is even more important.

6. Flush Your Drains

You can also protect your drains by routinely flushing them with hot water. We don’t recommend you use chemicals, baking soda, or vinegar, all of which can damage pipes and actually cause clogs in some circumstances. However, pouring hot water down your drains every so often will help keep things moving in them.

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