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does rusty water damage your hair?

Does Rusty Water Damage Your Hair?

Rusty water is a nuisance that also signifies a more severe underlying problem. If you have rust in your water, it damages your hair and causes health risks for your loved ones. Homeowners need to understand why rust appears in their water supply and what they can do about it. At Plumbing Solutions, we can


5 plumbing problems in newer homes

5 Plumbing Problems in Newer Homes

It’s quite clear that plumbing problems are quite common in many houses, specifically in newer homes. While some homeowners may choose to ignore such issues, it is important to be informed about the most typical plumbing problems in newer homes so that you can be prepared when they happen. That said, this post looks at


the most common plumbing problems in Concord, CA

The Most Common Plumbing Problems in Concord, CA

As local plumbing experts in Concord, CA, we run across the same kind of plumbing problems frequently. The types of homes and the years they were mostly built in Concord largely determine the nature of these problems. We can let you know what the most common problems are and what typically needs to be done


5 plumbing problems in older homes

5 Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

Older homes have an unapparelled charm that is hard to replicate. However, most times, that often comes with a price. Over the years, plenty of homeowners often up finding that their older properties have plenty of plumbing issue, which might require fixing. While a few of these issues are simple and can be taken care