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Learn how to maintain your shower or tub, pick the rights parts for replacement, and diagnose issues that can stop you cold in your tracks.

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can a bad shower cartridge cause a water hammer?

Can a Bad Shower Cartridge Cause a Water Hammer?

Yes, a bad shower cartridge can cause a water hammer. You’ll find many people online complaining about the development of a water hammer in their home shortly after changing up their shower cartridge, so you’re not alone. However, the shower cartridge is not the only suspect if you have a sudden water hammer problem. Here’s


why does my shower make a squealing noise?

Why Does My Shower Make a Squealing Noise?

When you want to relax and have a refreshing shower, it is a little unnerving to be interrupted by a squealing noise. Depending on the noise and when it happens, a few different problems might be at the root of the unpleasant noise. Here are some potential causes to investigate by yourself or with a


why do showers wake you up?

Why Do Showers Wake You Up?

Why do showers wake you up? Actually, they may not. The time and temperature of your shower will impact your wakefulness differently. If you have a hot shower in the morning, the chances are that the shower itself is not waking you up but that you’re just slowly waking while in the shower. The water


hot shower vs. cold shower benefits

Hot Shower vs. Cold Shower Benefits

Chances are, you strongly prefer either a hot shower or a cold shower. But, proponents of either could stand to consider switching their temperature up a bit. Cold and hot showers each provide benefits, just different benefits. Which would be best for you? The Benefits of Cold Showers If you’re a fan of hot showers,