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The humble commode is one of the most used plumbing fixtures in any home. Learn what to do if yours starts acting up, how to spot signs of trouble before they become expensive problems, and how to pick the perfect new toilet for your needs.

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does flushing a clogged toilet make it worse?

Does Flushing a Clogged Toilet Make It Worse?

Nothing is more frustrating than a clogged toilet, especially if multiple flushes only fill the bowl. While there are instances when brute force and a plunger are all you need to clear the clog, you should hire a professional plumber for repairs if it doesn’t work. The bathroom is a vital part of your building,


how to use a flange plunger to clear a clog

How to Use a Flange Plunger to Clear a Clog

Over time, the toilet has moved from being a convenience to a necessity in our homes. Actually, we can hardly go through a day without visiting it, hence the need to ensure that it is always functional and hygienic. However, like any drainage channel, the toilet is prone to clogging due to poor use or


can you flush dental floss down the toilet?

Can You Flush Dental Floss Down the Toilet?

No, you cannot flush dental floss down the toilet. There are a lot of items that should never find their way to the sewer line, and most of them are pretty obvious. A quick survey will undeniably show that most people know and acknowledge that non-biodegradable wastes are harmful to our drainage systems. However, we


what to do if your toilet flush is weak

What To Do If Your Toilet Flush is Weak

When you flush your toilet, you fully expect a strong surge of water to remove anything that was in the bowl. Unfortunately, if your toilet does not perform how you expected, it could be due to a weak flush. Weak flushes can have a few different causes, and some are very easy to deal with