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Determining What Your Plumbing Noises Mean


Your home’s plumbing might be trying to tell you something. Banging, clanging heat pipes. Gurgling water. Whistling, screeching water pipes.

Is your house haunted?

Probably not. But it more than likely is in need of a plumbing inspection.

The licensed professionals from Plumbing Solutions will perform a thorough plumbing inspection, troubleshooting and evaluating your home until they identify the problem through an expert diagnosis.

Whistling Pipes When Running Water

“whistlingsounds”Whistling or screeching sounds usually indicate an obstruction, commonly caused by debris, or an air pocket trapped within the water supply pipe.

Try testing to see if the water pressure is too high by simply reducing the flow. Does the problem persist? If so, there could be something trapped in the water supply pipe, whether a clog caused by debris or a pocket of air.

This could also be an indication that there is scale buildup in your plumbing caused by hard water. Drain cleaning or hydro-jetting may be needed to remove the blockage and restore the proper flow of water in your pipes.

Knocking Pipes at Night

“knockingpipes”Does it sound like it’s Halloween all year at your house? Hearing a banging, clanging pipe in the nighttime? It is not uncommon for heating pipes to make banging, clanging and knocking sounds, particularly in older homes.

The banging sound that you hear could be a number of things. For example, you might be hearing the sudden closing of a heat valve that separates one zone from the next.

The loud sounds could be coming from the radiator itself. Or, it could also be the water heater. It could be the valves. It could be the water hammer. It could be the slope of the radiator. Feeling confused yet? It might be easier to simply call a professional who can solve the problem with ease.

Drain Gurgling And Running Water

“runningwater”Does your water gurgle while it runs? If so, most likely, there is an obstruction within one of the vents preventing the water from draining properly, causing air to be pushed back up to the surface.

This could also lead to sewer line issues – which in the worst case scenario will push foul odors back into your home, which is never a pleasant experience. Similarly, the continuous sound of running water could also be a sign of disaster.

When there’s a hidden water leak behind your walls or under your foundations, it’ll regularly wastewater throughout the day. This will translate into the sound of running water. As long as you don’t have any fixtures open and you’re still hearing the sound – it may be time to contact a plumber.

Choose Plumbing Solutions

At Plumbing Solutions, we are your Concord plumbing experts. As homeowners and experts with years of local experience, we know exactly what’s causing those strange noises and have a solution to get it fixed quickly.

We’re also available for 24/7 emergency services, so even if you notice them in the middle of the night, we’ll have a skilled plumbing contractor at your home in no time!