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Does Rusty Water Damage Your Hair?

does rusty water damage your hair?

Rusty water is a nuisance that also signifies a more severe underlying problem. If you have rust in your water, it damages your hair and causes health risks for your loved ones. Homeowners need to understand why rust appears in their water supply and what they can do about it. At Plumbing Solutions, we can help you address the problem quickly and efficiently before wreaking havoc on your premises.

Sometimes rust is easily detected in water, but other times it is harder to see. Drinking water may have a tangy or metallic flavor, a sign of rust contamination. Regularly check your ceramic sinks or porcelain for discoloration if you can see or taste it. Common causes of rust in your water include rusty water tanks, supply lines, bacteria, and mineral deposits. We can customize a solution based on the cause, guaranteeing safe drinking water throughout.

Dangers of Rusty Water

Although low levels of rust in your water are barely noticeable, you don’t want the levels to get critically high. The most effective way to ensure safe water is to schedule routine maintenance with a professional plumber. We use state-of-the-art equipment and proven strategies to detect the slightest presence of rust, pinpoint the cause, and provide repairs or replacements based on the severity. Here are the risks of having rusty water.

Dull Hair

As mentioned, rust in the water can damage your hair. If you regularly wash your hair with rusty water, you create layers that build up, affecting the hygiene, look, and lifespan. Your hair may feel different and can cause skin problems in the long run. Vigilance is crucial in preventing high levels of rust, hence the need for routine inspections.

Stained Clothes

The rusty water running through your plumbing also gets into the washing machine. Changes may not be easily detected on dark clothes, so keep an eye on brighter colors for signs of staining. If you have clothes that require several washes before cleaning, chances are your water is rusty. Additionally, rusty water can damage the internal components of your unit, reducing efficiency and durability.

Itchy Skin

Rust is tough on clothes and plumbing appliances and causes itchy and dry skin. In severe cases, it can even cause rushes if someone has susceptible skin or a pre-existing skin condition. We can help mitigate such risks by regularly checking your plumbing for signs of corrosion and testing the water for harmful contaminants.

Iron Poisoning

Small amounts of rust in your water may not cause any health hazards, but when the levels are dangerously high, it is terrible for your well-being. Most cases reported for iron poisoning are caused by corrosion in the plumbing, meaning they can be prevented by early addressing minor signs of damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can personalize repairs to alleviate inconveniences, allowing you to continue enjoying your home.

Contact us at Plumbing Solutions to learn more about rusty water, its effects, and possible solutions to prevent further damage and costly repairs. We guarantee top-quality plumbing services in Walnut Creek and beyond, at affordable rates.