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When there is a water leak or other plumbing situation in your home, you will likely be scrambling to find a suitable plumber to come and provide a solution. If you have access to a reputable plumbing team like Plumbing Solutions, you can just make the call and get the repair process underway.

When we come out to your Lafayette, CA home, we will show up with a smile and always treat your home with respect. Our flat-rate pricing system means that you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees and our satisfaction guarantee and solid warranties are like added insurance. Same day service ensures you won’t have to wait around for us to come and fix your plumbing problem.

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Plumbing services such as drain cleaning, clogged toilet repair, water leak detection, slab leak repair, gas line services and trenchless sewer repairs require skill and experienced to be performed effectively. When you call us to take care of your plumbing repair or installation, we will come out to your home to assess the situation, then provide and quick and affordable solution so you can get on with your day.

Drain cleaning services in Lafayette, CA

pan with grease being washed that will clog the drain

The drains in a home are much more sensitive than we give them credit for. Greywater, wastewater and solid waste are not the only things constantly flowing through your home’s drainage system— substances like shampoo and conditioner, grease, hair, food scraps, and cleaning products, and other materials can all get stuck in your home’s drainage system. This residue builds up over time along the interior walls of drain pipes restricting the flow of water through these pipes, which negatively affects your home’s drainage system as a whole. If you can relate to any of this, be sure to give us a call about getting a drain cleaning in your area.

Our team covers:

  • Sink drain cleaning
  • Toilet drain cleaning
  • Shower and bathtub drain cleaning
  • Floor drain cleaning
  • Gutter drain cleaning
  • Main sewer drain cleaning

We also offer sewer jetting to break down even the most stubborn clogs. Call now to learn more, or to schedule your first drain cleaning.

Whole Home Repiping in Lafayette

Plumbing Solutions has a dedicated team of professional plumbing technicians with years of experience completing everything from simple pipe section replacements to complex whole home repiping in Lafayette, California, and the surrounding area. There are plenty of reasons why you might need a repiping, ranging from aging and corroded pipes to natural disasters disrupting your lines.

spool of copper piping for whole home repipe starting in basement

As your plumbing system ages, the pipes can become so corroded that they will no longer be able to transport water efficiently or maintain structural integrity. This can lead to leaks, causing water damage throughout your home.

The water from damaged plumbing lines can leak into your floors and walls, and if not treated appropriately, can cause further damage elsewhere on your property. Corroded pipes can even contaminate your water, causing health issues to those who are exposed to it.

Depending on the age, and corrosion level of your pipes, it might be time to do an entire home repipe instead of continuously repairing spots as they appear.

The quality and longevity of your plumbing system depend largely on the type of pipes installed and the technique used to install them.

We recommend replacing galvanized pipes with PEX or copper pipes because of their versatility, durability, and affordability.

Our team of plumbers are well versed in trenchless technology and are fully capable of completing a trenchless repipe, regardless of the size of your property or the complexity involved. Because our first priority is to look out for our customers, our technicians will evaluate your plumbing system and help you decide whether or not a repipe is even necessary.

Signs You Need A Plumbing Repipe

  • Overly expensive water bill
  • Changes in the quality of your water
  • Constant need for repairs and maintenance
  • Pipes are 20 years old or older
  • Water leaks occurring throughout your property
  • Unexpected flooding and other plumbing emergencies

When you call Plumbing Solutions for a whole home repiping in Lafayette, California, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be properly installed, sealed, and insulated by professional plumbers that you can trust. Whether you need a simple pipe replacement or a whole house repiping, be sure to get in touch with our team of plumbing professionals today!

Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Sewer lines are an offshoot of your existing drainage system in the sense that all of your home’s drains connect to a main sewer line that transports waste materials from your house through the local sewage system and ultimately to a sewer treatment plant.

Everything that goes down the drain ends up passing through the main sewer line of your home. Consequently, the things that you flush down your drains can clog your sewer line or damage them to the point of needing repairs. Substances like physical scraps, grease, and cleaning products might not go down your drains right away. Instead, they can clump together and build up over time, eventually getting so thick that they disrupt the flow of water that goes down your drain— ultimately causing a clog. When it comes to your sewer line in particular, objects like cotton swabs, feminine products, large amounts of toilet paper, and cotton balls pose a massive risk to the health of your sewer system.

construction being done in a residential area to repair a broken sewer line

You’d be surprised by the objects we’ve found to be the cause of a sewer clog. If you have small children in the home, you’ll want to make sure that they know not to flush any foreign objects like toys or play-doh down the toilet. If you’re in need of a sewer line repair in Lafayette, a preliminary inspection, or you just want to be safe and have some sewer line maintenance work done, give Plumbing Solutions a call or Visit our Contact page today!

Gas Line Installation & Repair in Lafayette, CA

If your gas line has been damaged, or you need to install a new gas line into your home or business in Lafayette, California, give Plumbing Solutions a call. Our team of professional plumbing technicians is all licensed, bonded, and insured for all of your gas line installation and repair needs.

Because of the danger involved with working with natural gas, it’s crucial to hire a professionally trained expert for gas line installations, repairs, and replacements. Even though you might not think about it, we use natural gas every day. We use it to heat our homes and water, to cook our food, and to power other appliances commonly found in homes and commercial buildings.

Our team of expert plumbers has years of experience repairing and installing gas lines in residential and commercial properties alike. When it comes to gas lines, safety is our top priority. We strongly caution against trying to DIY gas line repairs or replacements and instead recommend leaving the premises and calling a professional plumber immediately.

Signs of a Gas Leak:

  • The smell of rotten eggs
  • Strange sounds coming from a gas line
  • Bubbles in the tap water
  • Faint white haze near appliances
  • Dying plants
  • High gas bill

So, if you’re having trouble with your gas lines or suspect a gas leak on your property, be sure to get in touch with the plumbing technicians who are most qualified to safely handle gas line installations and repairs in Lafayette and the surrounding area.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

professionally installed american standard brand residential water heater in lafayette, ca

If you’ve started to notice that your water is taking longer to heat up than usual, strange noises coming from your water heater, rusty water, or a lack of hot water in general, there’s a strong possibility that you need a water heater repair or replacement.

Our team of professional plumbing technicians is able to complete any water heater repair imaginable and, if necessary, can quickly replace or install a new water heater.

When it comes to water heater repairs, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional instead of trying to fix the problem on your own. In most cases, it simply isn’t safe to try to repair a water heater without professional training. This is especially true if you have a traditional, gas-powered water heater.

Fortunately for those located in Lafayette, Plumbing Solutions provides dependable water heater repairs and installations at an affordable price.

Thanks to years of experience and a “mobile warehouse” packed with the equipment needed for most water heater repairs, our plumbing technicians are able to complete their work as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with minimal disruption to your everyday routine.

Benefits of a New Water Heater

Many homeowners shudder at the thought of having to install a new water heater, but usually the upfront expense is evened out by the benefits that follow afterward. Not only will you have a new, energy efficient water heater, but you won’t have to worry about hot water heater repair for quite some time and you’ll see a difference in your monthly bills. We can provide water heater replacement services that are quick and affordable, so you can start feeling the comfort of hot water again. And if you want to experience hot water on demand, we can try tankless water heater installation as an exciting alternative.

Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth the Investment?

Investing in a tankless water heater is a decision that hinges on various factors, and its worthiness largely depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Tankless water heaters offer several advantages, such as energy efficiency and endless hot water, but they also come with certain considerations.

One of the primary benefits of tankless water heaters is their energy efficiency. They only heat water when needed, reducing standby energy losses. This can lead to significant savings on your utility bills over time. Additionally, tankless units have a longer lifespan compared to traditional tank water heaters, often exceeding 20 years with proper maintenance.

However, the initial investment for a tankless water heater, including installation, tends to be higher than that of a conventional tank heater. The payback period for these savings may take several years. Moreover, the flow rate of a tankless system can be limited, so households with high hot water demand may require multiple units.

In conclusion, a tankless water heater is worth the investment if you prioritize energy efficiency, longer equipment life, and are willing to make a higher initial investment. However, it’s essential to evaluate your hot water needs and budget carefully to determine if it’s the right choice for your home.

Bathroom Plumbing Services

A large number of the people in Lafayette who call us for service simply need some help with their bathroom plumbing. For them, we do it all:

  • Toilet repair
  • Toilet installation and replacement
  • Toilet drain cleaning
  • Bathtub and shower repair
  • Bathtub and shower installation
  • Bathtub and shower drain cleaning
  • Bathroom sink repair
  • Bathroom sink installation
  • Bathroom sink drain cleaning
  • Bidet installation
  • And more

Our dedicated team can service any part of your bathroom on short notice, and our superior preparedness means we can perform many repairs in a single trip, without need for more parts. We also stock a wide variety of replacement parts, so equipment replacement only takes a fraction of the time.

Slab Leak Repair & Installation

At Plumbing Solutions, we understand the importance of swift and precise detection and repair of slab leaks to safeguard your home’s foundation and prevent water damage. Our comprehensive slab leak services are designed to address these issues efficiently and effectively, ensuring the integrity of your property.

Slab Leak Detection

Using advanced tools and techniques, our experienced technicians can accurately locate slab leaks without causing unnecessary disruption to your home. We employ methods such as electronic leak detection, thermal imaging, and pressure testing to pinpoint the exact source of the leak, even if it’s hidden beneath the concrete foundation. Our goal is to identify the problem quickly and accurately, allowing us to proceed with the necessary repairs promptly.

Slab Leak Repair

Once the slab leak has been detected, our team will recommend the most appropriate repair solution based on the severity and location of the leak. We utilize industry-leading techniques and materials to address the issue effectively while minimizing disruption to your home. Whether it’s repairing a damaged pipe, rerouting plumbing lines, or implementing epoxy pipe lining, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

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Toilet Repair Services

a successfully repaired toilet in Lafayette, CaliforniaOne of our most in-demand bathroom plumbing services in Lafayette is toilet repair. Whether your toilet is clogged, refusing to flush, suddenly lost flushing power, or is otherwise not operating like you need it to, our plumbers can help. If two or more toilets are clogged, or toilets plus another drain in your home, chances are good that there might be an issue with the sewer lateral instead. If your plumbing technician determines that the problem with your toilet goes beyond the single fixture, then the next step is usually to provide a sewer inspection to pinpoint the source of trouble before it gets worse.

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