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Whether you’re facing a broken water heater, a stubborn drain, a clogged gas line, or a noisy garbage disposal, plumbing problems can throw a wrench into your day. That’s why you need the help of a dependable plumber in Orinda that arrives on time, finishes early, treats your property with respect, and knows what they’re doing.

At Plumbing Solutions, we work hard to make your life easy. That’s why we only hire the best, only install the best, and treat every customer like they’re the only thing that matters. That’s why Orinda’s homeowners turn to Plumbing Solutions again and again: because it just takes one call, and we’ll handle the rest.

map of the area where your plumber in Orinda, California can help you with professional services

Your Full Service Plumber

Dependable Plumbing Repair and Installation Services

When you call us for expert plumbing services, we will show up on time and quickly assess the situation before suggesting the best course of action. Whether it is a small repair to your garbage disposal or a full sewer line replacement, we will provide the same level of professionalism and courtesy. Among the many services we provide our customers, we include clogged toilet repair, water leak detection, gas line services, slab leak repair, drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, and more.

Sewer Inspection & Sewer Repair Services

We’re all used to pulling the lever down on a toilet, turning a sink handle, or twisting a shower knob and having instant access to water that drains immediately. So much so, that when these modern-day conveniences malfunction, and don’t drain immediately, they can easily ruin your entire day.

It’s true, no one likes dealing with sewer problems, but we work hard to make the process as easy, painless, and affordable as possible. Most sewer services start with a video sewer inspection, which allows us to pinpoint any blockages or damage within your sewer line.

Next, if the rest of the sewer line is still in good condition, we may choose to perform a spot repair. If the entire sewer line is beginning to break down, then a full sewer replacement is usually the answer.

If you’re in need of a sewer repair or replacement in Orinda, our team of professionally trained sewer line experts has got you covered. Our experts are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with everything they might need to diagnose and get started on your sewer repair or replacement service. We also offer both trenched and trenchless sewer line repairs, depending on the run of the sewer line and the potential for access.

a sewer inspection reveals an underground broken pipe line

Still wondering how your issue might’ve happened? Well, the sewer line that connects to the drain lines in your home or commercial building can get clogged, deteriorate, or even suddenly rupture over time.

Issues with your sewer line often involve a buildup of debris or other outside intrusions like tree roots interfering with it.

When this happens, the last thing you want to do is wait. If you don’t act fast, wastewater can spill out onto your property from the sewer line leak, contaminating everything it comes in contact with, and become an even more complex and expensive problem.

At Plumbing Solutions, we go to great lengths to make your sewer repair, inspection, and replacement services as easy as possible.

That means communicating clearly, giving you clear estimates, and taking care of all necessary permits and safety procedures. So, the next time you need a sewer line repair or replacement in Orinda, be sure to give the pros at Plumbing Solutions a call!

Water Heater Repair & Installation

one of our dedicated plumbers has finished working on a water heater repair in OrindaThere are few parts of your plumbing system more important than a good water heater. You might not realize how much you take your water heater for granted until it starts acting up or breaking down. Suddenly, you can’t take a hot shower, your laundry isn’t getting clean, and even your dishes aren’t getting fully cleaned.

The good news is that Plumbing Solutions makes water heater repair easier than ever. Our team is cross trained on virtually every make and model of water heater, from 40 gallon AO smith gas heaters to Rinnai tankless water heaters, and everything in between. Our most in-demand water heater repair services include:

  • Leaking water heaters
  • Water heater won’t turn on
  • Pilot light won’t stay on
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Hot water runs out too quickly
  • Water heater making banging or whistling noises

While we always try to repair, rather than replace, water heaters, sometimes it’s just not feasible. The average water heater lasts roughly 8-12 years for tanked models, or up to 20 for tankless, so once your unit starts getting around that age it often doesn’t make sense to keep replacing components. When that happens, our team can help you choose a great new water heater that will last for years to come. Our water heater installations are also backed by generous warranties, so your investment will be protected.

Learn more about our water heater repair and replacement services or call today to get started.

Plumbing Repipes

PEX pipe manifold installed in Orinda home during a repipe

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your water usage, continuous water leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues, or just want to upgrade your plumbing system, you should call Plumbing Solutions to request a repiping service in Orinda, California.

Even though plumbing systems are crucial to keeping a home or office building running, home and business owners rarely think of having them inspected and regularly maintained. This neglect will eventually lead to a failure with your plumbing system’s pipes. If your existing plumbing system uses galvanized pipes, you should strongly consider upgrading with a PEX or copper repipe. This will ensure that your system will last for years to come. PEX and copper pipes are more durable and flexible than traditional pipes, and they can be installed at a much more affordable price.

Even the best plumbing system isn’t meant to last forever, which means you’ll eventually need to replace your home’s supply lines and drain lines. Our team uses the best PEX materials available for faster, less invasive, and less expensive repipes. PEX systems are also easier to expand and maintain than traditional copper systems, so additional bathrooms, appliances, and fixtures can be added quickly and reliably.

Galvanized pipelines are especially susceptible to corrosion, due to mineral deposits that build up within the inner walls over time. These deposits also trap debris that prevents water from flowing freely through the pipes, in turn causing poor water pressure and a constricted water flow. When your plumbing system is repiped, you will have better water flow and a more efficient system. In addition, if you’re experiencing water leaks on your property, a whole house repipe will solve this issue as well.

Repiping your home is an excellent way to increase its value. This is because a whole house repipe improves the overall quality of your home’s plumbing system, lessening the risk of unexpected flooding or water damage for future owners. Our team of professional plumbers can solve any problem with your property’s pipes, regardless of the material they’re made from or the complexity of your issue. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and fully equipped to handle everything from a simple pipe replacement to a whole home repipe.

Want to learn more about our repiping services in Orinda? Visit our repiping services page, or call now to speak with a live plumber.

5 Benefits Of Repiping Service

1. A whole home repipe can simultaneously resolve a number of smaller problems, such as corroded pipes, cracked and leaking plumbing lines, invasive plant roots, and more.

2. In the long run, having your plumbing system repiped can actually save you money that you would’ve been spending on recurring repairs, higher bills, or increased maintenance costs. A whole house repipe can also add value to your property.

3. New pipes can add as much as 50 years to the lifespan of your plumbing system. This can vary depending on the technique used to repipe your system and the type of material that your new pipes are made from, but no matter what, the longevity of your pipes will increase.

4. Old pipes are more likely to weaken and break down, eventually giving way to water leaks throughout your system. These leaks can build up over time and cause major flooding to your home’s basement, foundation, landscaping, or anywhere else where there’s a source of water present. Requesting a whole house repiping can prevent emergency situations like this from happening in the first place.

5. Because of trenchless technology, installing and replacing new pipes into a plumbing system is easier than ever. Our team of trained technicians are able to complete whole home repipes quickly, efficiently, and with as little disruption to your property as possible.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

When customers call for hot water heater repair service, it’s often because their traditional tank isn’t providing them with the hot water they need. As an alternative, many homeowners opt for tankless water heater installation. As the name implies, a tankless water heater doesn’t require the standard tank and is often called an ‘on-demand’ water heater. Not only will you get hot water when you need it, but you won’t have to worry about running out in the middle of a relaxing shower. If you notice signs of trouble with your water heater, or just have a big family and are tired of running out, ask about a tankless water heater today.

Gas Line Repair & Installation in Orinda

gas line valve for a residential property

Plumbing Solutions has a dedicated team of professionally trained gas line technicians who are able to repair and install gas lines in Orinda and the surrounding area.

Online tutorials and step-by-step videos have made it easier than ever to DIY a lot of the home improvement projects around your house. Installing and repairing gas lines, however, should always be handled by professional gas line repair contractors.

Home plumbing systems are one thing, but when you attempt to repair a gas line yourself, you’re putting yourself and everyone around you at risk. Gas leaks that go unnoticed can cause asphyxiation, especially if you fall asleep. If that’s not dangerous enough, even the tiniest of sparks can lead to a massive explosion from within your home or commercial property.

Gas line repairs and installations should be handled with the utmost care by trained, licensed, and insured professionals— ideally, with years of experience dealing with gas lines specifically. Fortunately for those located in Orinda, Plumbing Solutions offers just that. Our seasoned gas line technicians come fully equipped to your location intent on inspecting your property and properly diagnosing your issue.

So, whether you’re dealing with a leaky gas line or your lines have been infiltrated by tree roots, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible!

Leak Detection in Orinda, CA

If left in disrepair, even a small water leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a relatively short amount of time. If you find a water leak on your property and get it fixed immediately, the cost of the repair will be minimal compared to the estimate you’ll get for water damage repairs. I think we can all agree that a small water leak repair is much more affordable than replacing the contents of a flooded basement!

Our team of seasoned plumbing contractors has all the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to locate and repair your property’s water leak. We use the latest in detection tools to find out exactly where your pipes are compromised and repair the pipes as unobtrusively as possible. So, when you need leak detection services in Orinda, be sure to give Plumbing Solutions a call.

Drain Cleaning Services

our teams uses hydro jetting when sewer drains get clogged

A clogged drain might not seem like the biggest plumbing issue, but left untreated, even a basic one can cause a lot of damage. A clogged drain can add unexpected pressure to your drain pipes, leading to leaks and the breakdown of your pipes. If the clog occurs further down your drainage system and into your sewer line, it can quickly compound, causing multiple backups throughout your home. In time, that can cause foul smells to come from your drains, sewage backup, and worse.

The good news is that you can have your drains cleaned quickly, affordably, and reliably with a little help from Plumbing Solutions. Our team has a variety of drain cleaning equipment for every application, including drain snakes, sewer inspection cameras, and non-corrosive chemical treatments. Whether the issue is with a single drain that doesn’t want to cooperate, or an ongoing issue involving multiple drains, we’ll get to the bottom of it for good.

Learn more about our drain cleaning services to call today to get started.

Bathroom Plumbing Services

Many bathroom plumbing problems can look like simple DIY projects on the surface, but they get trickier once you actually try it. Fixing a broken toilet bob or flapper, replacing a corroded shower cartridge, or fixing a leaky faucet look trivial, but all have the potential to ruin your equipment, render it unusable, and cause significant water damage.

The good news is that calling Plumbing Solutions to do the work for you is the fast & affordable choice. Our plumbing technicians know your bathroom’s fixtures inside and out, and we can repair most issues in just a single trip. Call us any time for:

Toilet Repair & Installation

toilet flushing after a clog repairOur most in-demand bathroom plumbing service is toilet repair. When a toilet starts having problems, it can quickly escalate into water damage, backed up sewage, and worse. The good news is that our team offers some of the fastest toilet repair services in Orinda, thanks in part to how many parts we stock preemptively. While other plumbers are trying to track down the one part you need to fix your float valve, we’re already installing it. That’s the Plumbing Solutions difference.

Call us any time for:

  • Toilet drain cleaning
  • Reseating wobbly toilets
  • Inconsistent flush
  • Ghost flushing
  • Poor flushing power
  • And more

Learn more about our toilet repair services »

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