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Dependable sewer video camera inspections in Concord & more

our technician is doing a sewer video camera inspection in Concord

It’s not always obvious when there’s something wrong with your sewer system. If your sewer backs up it’s pretty hard to miss, but what if your sewer system has a slow-forming clog that just makes your shower drain a little slower? What if your sewer pipe is partially collapsed and leaking sewage into your front yard’s soil? Or what if your willow tree’s roots found their way into your sewer line, slowly opening the cracks and blocking the flow at the same time?

The good news is that it’s never been easier to get a sewer video camera inspection. Our team offers fast and convenient sewer inspections in Concord so you can understand your sewer issues sooner, and for less. Our talented team of technicians can identify and pinpoint any new, ongoing, or potential issues in your sewer system within minutes.

If you do need sewer repairs, we offer those too. Our team can handle both trenched and trenchless sewer repairs in Concord and throughout Contra Costa.

We also offer sewer inspections in Walnut Creek, Pleasant hill, and other cities throughout Contra Costa County. Call today to learn more or to schedule your inspection now.

Why Video Sewer Inspections?

  • They’re minimally invasive. Instead of digging up your yard for a trenched inspection, our cameras can enter your pipes through your home’s drains and inspect your sewer system from the inside. That lets us find your sewer issues without making a mess or wasting your time.
  • They’re extremely accurate. Our sewer cameras show us exactly which issues are affecting your pipes and where. From sewer root invasions to hairline leaks, our cameras can spot it all. In many situations, that gives us the option of partial repairs, which is significantly less expensive and invasive than a full sewer replacement.
  • Avoid unnecessary rooter service. Calling for a drain cleaning service won’t do a lot of good if the issue is with the sewer line itself. Getting a video inspection can help you avoid calling for another unnecessary service.
  • We can provide you footage. If your sewer issue involves the sale of a home or questions about liability, the footage from our sewer inspections can make a big difference.

Common Sewer Issues in Concord

Tree roots invading sewer pipesOrangeburg Pipes

If your home was built before the 1970s, chances are good that you have an Orangeberg sewer line. These pipes are basically heavy duty particle board: wood fibers and pulp pressed together under enormous pressure to form a sturdy, durable structure. But because they’re comprised of organic material, Orangeberg pipes eventually break down and crack through everyday use. This typically requires full replacement.

Root Invasions

Many types of tress commonly found in the Concord area, such as Red Maple and Scarlet Oak, can have significant root systems. This helps them grow sturdy and tall while resisting strong wind gusts and finding nutrients deep in the soil. The issue is that these roots are remarkably good at finding nutrients, and your sewage is full of them. All it takes is a tiny crack for a tree to find its way into your sewer lateral, and the root system will quickly peel the walls of your sewer back to get easier access. While this often requires a full sewer replacement, a video sewer inspection will let us see if the damage is isolated, making a partial replacement or repair a viable option.

Clogs from Drain Misuse

There are only a few things that should ever go down your drains. Excessive hair, oils or fats, and sanitary products can do a lot of damage, and fast. In Contra Costa, too many homeowners like to buy products that are falsely advertised as “flushable,” such as flushable wipes. In reality, these products can cause or compound clogs in your sewer line, quickly causing sewer backups. The good news is that this is one of the easier sewer issues to diagnose and fix, which is exactly why we always recommend starting with a video sewer inspection at the first sign of trouble.

Everyday drain misuse is also a common issue here. While your sewer lines can handle a little bit of grease, pouring too much down it can cause a real blockage that typical drain cleaning cannot handle. While we also offer high-pressure jetting, often these blockages require more substantial sewer line repairs. Repairing that can typically done using trenchless methods, without excavation.

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