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Before trenchless sewer repair, trenched sewer repair was one of the dirtiest and costliest jobs in the plumbing world. It used to involve digging up the entire length of the existing pipe and removing it piece by piece. This would require destroying anything above the existing line, including patios, driveways, landscaping and lawn areas, all of which would have to be replaced after the new line was installed. The entire replacement process could take up to a week, but getting your yard back to normal could take months.

That’s not the case anymore. When you call us for trenchless sewer repair in Concord you’ll get your sewer replaced in a day or two at a fraction of the cost, without tearing up your yard in the process. Call today to speak with a local trenchless sewer replacement specialist, or read on to learn more about how the trenchless process works.

“Wow is all I can say. No one ever wants to hear they have to replace their sewer line, but mine was full of roots and there were no other options. I contacted my regular plumber and wanted to get another opinion. Joel and Ed were amazing- professional, courteous, knew the business and options inside and out, and gave a quote on the spot that was 20% less than my other option.

They finished the work very quickly, cleaned up all of the mess, and answered all of my questions. I learned so much about the process and could not have asked for a better experience. Their expertise and customer service is exceptional. I wish I could clone them.

Thank you Joel and Ed.”
Joey B.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair 101

One of the main issues involved with fixing a sewer line on your property has to do with the amount of disruption to the surrounding landscape. With the traditional method, crews need to dig to find the sewer line and make the necessary repairs, but with trenchless sewer line installation and repair, there is no such disruption.

The end of a steel cable is attached to our hydraulic cable puller which pulls the bursting head and pipe through the existing sewer line. The bursting head is slightly larger than the existing sewer line so as it is pulled it fractures the old pipe and drives it into the surrounding dirt. The new line then takes its place. The ends of the pipe are fused to the existing inlet and outlet to provide a no-nonsense leak barrier.

A trenchless repair requires two holes to be dug, one at the point where the sewer line enters the home, and one where the line attaches to the city sewer line. Our team then treads a steel cable down the hole and through the existing sewer line. A hardened steel bursting head is attached to the end of the cable and the new sewer pipe is attached behind it. It’s the minimally invasive approach that saves money and recovery time for your yard.

What’s really nice about this type of replacement is that it only takes a couple of hours from start to finish and leaves your yard looking great. No trench lines, no excessive hourly fees, and you’ll get the same HDPE piping that will last a lifetime (actually more like 200+ years).

“Third time I called them for plumbing needs. Have had a new water line installed, removed my galvanized pipes under house, and now garbage disposal went south They responded almost immediately as always. Came to the house with a new unit, followed by quick, clean install. They are money and will not use another plumber here in Concord. Can not speak more highly of their services.”

Gregory M.

Signs You Need A Trenchless Sewer Repair in Concord, CA

Initially, it can be difficult to tell if you have a problem with your sewer line, but there are certain conditions to look out for that could indicate an underlying problem with your property’s sewer line. Schedule an appointment for a trenchless sewer repair as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

Trenchless sewer repair in progress as a sewer pipe replacement tool is inserted in a small opening dug into the ground in Concord CA

  • Wet spots and air bubbles forming around your property
  • Noticeable sound when water drains
  • Toilets are slow to flush
  • Constant toilet clogs
  • Wastewater backing up out of your tub’s drain
  • Sinks and showers collect water
  • Mildew stains or mold spores
  • Overgrown spots in your lawn
  • Unpleasant smell coming from your drains

Since most of your home’s piping system is underground, it can be difficult to diagnose what and where your problem is without experience. Even with experience, the right tools and technique is necessary to perform a trenchless sewer repair. That’s where Plumbing Solutions comes in.

Our team of plumbing experts have years of experience repairing and replacing sewer lines with trenchless equipment. We know what to look for and what type of repair needs to be done. The next time you need a trenchless sewer repair in Concord or anywhere else in the East Bay, be sure to call Plumbing Solutions for an estimate.

“Really nice and professional guys. I thought I needed a snake and camera but upon camera inspection they identified my issue and didn’t charge me for the snake (sine they didn’t do it because it wouldn’t have solved the problem) . I’ll definitely use them again. If you want honesty and great recommendations, go with these guys.”

Kevin A.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

No sewer lateral will last forever. Invasive tree roots, external pressures, systemic sewer clogs and other factors can eventually destroy parts of your sewer line, which can case sewer backups and leak sewage into the soil. Several cities throughout the Bay Area now require sewer inspections when selling homes or structures, and in many cases a full trenchless sewer replacement with a cured in place pipe is the most cost effective solution.

sewer line being replaced using trenchless method by plumber in pit

Sewer Inspections

Our plumbers will complete a full sewer inspection before starting on your sewer repair or replacement to ensure that your problem is properly diagnosed and handled appropriately.

Once we’ve located your problem using our CCTV camera snake, we should know exactly where and what your problem is. Based on the situation, we will recommend the best course of action and if you approve, work will start as soon as possible.

Sewer Backups in Concord, CA

Most sewer line repairs are the result of clogged pipes causing a sewer backup.


A sewer clog can be composed of everything from hair and toilet paper to small objects that shouldn’t have been flushed down the drain.

There’s a good chance that a clogged pipe will affect more than just one shower, tub, sink or toilet on your property. If this is the case in your home or commercial building, it’s time to call a professional plumbing contractor.

Unfortunately, it’s not just clogs that can cause a sewer backup. Besides clogged pipes, some common causes of a sewer backup include:

  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Commercial waste
  • City or municipality mistakes

If you’ve been noticing flooding, insect infestations, or a smell coming from your lawn, you should call a licensed plumber immediately. The fact is, your sewer line is crucial to a fully functioning home, and yours is no exception. Trenchless sewer repairs save time, effort, and money, and our experienced plumbing contractors won’t stop until they fix your sewer line issue.

“Love having Plumbing Solutions as our go-to plumbing team. We’ve always worked with Mark and trust him so much. I know he is always providing me with a fair price and gets the work done in a timely manner.

We’ve worked with him on roots in toilets, a new water heater, and simple leaks. Look no further if you need a reliable, honest plumber!”

Donna H.

Dependable Sewer Services in Concord and Beyond

Our team doesn’t just serve Concord. If you need help with a sewer inspection or sewer repair in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Clayton, Lafayette, or beyond, we can help. See our full service area or call today to learn more.

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