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What Should I Expect During a Whole Home Repipe?

what should I expect during a whole home repipe?

What happens when your home needs all new plumbing pipes? It sounds like pretty invasive work, we know. Your pipes run through your whole home and to every major room. However, we can do a re-pipe without cutting into too many of your walls or turning off your water for too long. Here is what you should expect during a whole home repipe.

Before the Repipe

When you first learn that you need a repipe there are a few things that need to be done. You and your plumber need to select a new pipe type, go over an estimate and plan when the repipe will happen.

Your options for new pipes include copper and PEX. We are PEX repipe experts and can help you decide if this material is right for you. PEX is flexible tubing that has a 25-year manufacturer warranty. These pipes costs less than other materials, and we can pass those saving onto you so that you get a quality pipe for less.

You may also be interested in copper piping. Type M copper pipes are industry standard. While more costly than PEX, they do resist corrosion and damage and last a long time. They can be more challenging and time-consuming to install.

Once you decide what kind of pipe you are getting installed, your plumber should offer you a quote or estimate. Your quote should include flat-rate pricing with all fees accounted for. Your plumber should walk you through the estimate, and you should agree to it before work begins.

Ask us any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to explain the repipe process to you in greater detail. You should be completely confident before the work starts.

During the Repipe

Repipes typically last three to five days. However, this isn’t as disruptive to your life as it may sound. We only need to turn off the water for a few hours each day in order to complete the job.

We’ll identify a few spots in your home where we need to cut open the wall to access the pipes. We’ll make those cuts, pull the old pipe out, and install the new pipe. We won’t have to have the water main turned off for the whole time. Sometimes we may need to move some of your fixtures in order to access the pipes, but we will move them back.

After the new pipe has been installed, we will run the water to test it. We’ll also repatch your walls so that the pipes are inaccessible once again.

After the Repipe

These new pipes should last you a lifetime. However, if you have any concerns with your pipes moving forward, particularly if you’re concerned about a leak just after the repiping, we can help. We’ll be available to you to answer your concerns and ensure that the repipe was completely successful.

Overall, you’ll enjoy pipes that perform better, without leaks, unusual noises, and other issues. Reach out to ask your questions about a whole home repipe today.