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What to Do If You’re Too Embarrassed to Call a Plumber?

what to do if you're too embarrassed to call a plumber?

Blocked toilets and clogged sewer lines are common, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to call a plumber to sort the mess out. Well, that’s what everybody says, but truth be told, very few people have the courage to do so.

After visiting the washroom and using the toilet, decorum dictates that you push or pull the handle and flush everything down the drain. Okay, you pull the handle and water swirls as you’d expect.

However, it fills the toilet bowl instead of going down the drain. What do you do? You flush again. The result is a mess that you’re pretty sure is embarrassing, and calling in a family member for assistance worsens the situation. Their faces turn green at first sight of the toilet bowl.

Now, you’re left wondering if you should call a plumber. How will they react?

Well, plumbers are trained professionals who’re mentally prepared and equal to the task. And, even if your plumbing problem is gross or embarrassing, plumbers have seen it all. Don’t be embarrassed! They’ll be happy to assess the situation because that’s what they’re trained to do.

Ask any plumber about their plumbing stories and experiences, and you’ll realize that yours is just a trivial issue. Hence, contact one for assistance before the problem gets out of hand.

Additionally, accept the fact that plumbing within your house may fail from time to time. For example, water freezes within plumbing during the winter, eventually cracking the pipes. Additionally, massive clogs within the drain lines may lead to a backup of sewer gas into your house.

You can’t live without water, and outsourcing is expensive. Also, it would help if you don’t stay in a stinky house as it’s not only unpleasant, but you may also suffer from sewer gas poisoning. Don’t suffer under such stressful conditions.

What If I Have Social Anxiety?

If you have social anxiety, just call in a plumber and direct them to where the problem is. That’s all you have to do. Most plumbers won’t mind skipping the smalltalk to focus on their work.

Sometimes, our destructive habits are the primary causes of plumbing failures. For example, clogging a toilet drain is rare if you use it well. Remember, the only three things that should find their way down the toilet and into the sewer lines are pee, poo, and toilet paper. Any other matter, such as band-aids, dental floss, baby wipes, cotton buds, wet wipes, paper, or waste food, should be disposed of through the trash bins.

Non-biodegradable items take time within the sewer lines and clog together to form huge lumps that may be the cause of your toilet clog.

However, some outside factors may contribute to clogging your toilet. These include obstacles blocking the movement of waste materials down the drain, such as tree roots. In this case, your best option would be to call a plumber in Alamo or beyond, to assess the situation and clear the problem.