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What Your Plumbing Invoice Says About The Service


Finding a reliable, honest, and fairly priced plumbing company can be difficult. Some people may err on the side of caution and decide to use a high-priced plumber. While others may attempt to find the absolute cheapest plumber in town. Unfortunately, both ends of the spectrum have their downfalls.

Plumbing services that are overpriced for their market are probably a scam artist, and a plumber who is underpriced may not have any skills or will attempt to nickel and dime you. Either way you look at it, finding a happy medium is your best bet. Plumbing Solutions is proud to say that we strive for fair, flat-rate pricing!

Avoid Major Costs by Fixing a Leaking Pipe

“leakrepaircost”Leaking pipes can be a major source of water damage and mold. These two issues alone can end up costing a ton of money, whereas repairing a leaky pipe will save you these costs, and prevent further damages.

Although it is difficult to give you an exact price on a pipe repair, if this problem arises, you can trust that we will have a solution to this plumbing problem.

Because we use a flat-rate pricing structure, you will know the exact cost of the repair before we start any work.

The Cost of a Clog

“clogrepaircost”Luckily, clogs are somewhat of an easy problem to fix. They’re straightforward and have obvious signs when they occur. Many people think a quick trip to the hardware store is the answer, but buying chemical drain cleaner or a drain snake isn’t advisable.

Unfortunately, using chemical drain cleaner is bad for the environment, your pipes, and your family. These products contain a chemical called lye and it can affect the integrity of your plumbing. In addition to this, lye can cause chemical burns on the skin, eyes, and even in the lungs.

A drain snake is an excellent option for professionals, however, a novice may end up causing damage to the drains. With that said, the technicians at Plumbing Solutions are capable and knowledgeable on drain cleaning properly and effectively.

Snaking a drain will not cost you an arm and a leg. If the clog cannot be reached by the tool, we will likely recommend hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is the used of water sprayed at high pressures to break up any clogs and debris. This service is priced based on the severity of the blockage and the type of drain.

Don’t Forget About Dripping Faucets

“drippingfaucet”So often, our lives get busy and we find that less noticeable problems are shifted to the bottom of the to-do list. This is usually the case with faucets that drip incessantly.

However, left unrepaired, this constant dripping can cost you $20-200 per year on your water bill. Also, the constant flow of water can be responsible for mold, mildew, and prematurely having to replace the faucet completely.

Each of those issues can quickly add up in cost, and depending on the location of the faucet (like a master bathroom) you might have to replace both of them so they match.