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Why Does My Kitchen Sink Drain Smell Like a Sewer?

why does my kitchen sink drain smell like a sewer?

The kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of your most-used appliances, adding convenience by disposing of food debris effectively. However, a kitchen sink can also become a problem when it produces unpleasant odors in your home. A common odor is described as smelling like sewage, which can affect the comfort and cleanliness of your kitchen.

This article will cover the common causes of smells coming from the kitchen sink and what you can do about this problem.

3 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Drain Smells Like Sewage

One of the most common reasons a kitchen sink drain smells like a sewer is a lack of draining. When the pipes can’t adequately remove debris or sewer gases, the odor will start to escape into the kitchen. There are three main causes of a kitchen sink having poor draining, described in the sections below.

1.   Food Debris in Drainpipe

If you frequently dispose of food waste into the kitchen sink, the garbage disposal can sometimes leave food remains within the drainpipe. Food debris can accumulate in the drainpipe and prevent water from flowing properly. Additionally, the food can go rotten–resulting in an unpleasant smell.

2.   Clogged Plumbing Vent

A kitchen sink drain is required to prevent clogging and reduce odors coming from the drain. When a plumbing vent clogs, the sewer gases cannot properly vent out of the system and vent into the kitchen. Locating a clogged plumbing vent is a difficult process, so it’s best to hire a qualified plumbing professional for the job.

3.   Grease in Drainpipe

Cooking oil and grease should never go down a kitchen sink drain, as it hardens within the drainpipes. When the hardened oil coats the inside of the pipe, it can develop a rotten sewer smell. Along with the unpleasant smell, it can also block the pipes and prevent water from draining.

How to Eliminate a Rotten Sewage Smell Coming From Sink

If you have a sewage smell coming from your sink that doesn’t seem to go away, there is little that a homeowner can do to remove a major clogged pipe. Many of the DIY methods for unclogging a drain can potentially damage the drainpipes. When hot water and dish soap doesn’t eliminate the smell, you should work with a professional plumbing company.

A professional plumbing company will clean all aspects of your kitchen sink drain, from the P-trap to the garbage disposal. Experienced plumbers will also have the necessary tools to remove clogs within the drains, no matter the size. Whether it’s a clogged plumbing vent or trapped food waste, you can trust that the sewer smell will disappear.


When your kitchen sink drain smells like sewage, it can really impact the comfort of your home. If you are tired of going home to a kitchen with unpleasant odors, take some time to find the source of the smells. The most common causes are trapped food, grease, or a clogged plumbing vent.

For reliable results eliminating the odors, work with our professional plumbers in Alamo and beyond, today!