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Your Complete Guide to Choosing Replacement Over Repair


As a homeowner, you are always trying to save money when you can when you are maintaining your home. That’s why you should determine if it is worth it to repair your plumbing, or if it is more cost-effective to have it replaced.

Fear not- here is a handy guide to help you make good decisions.

Is It Time for a New Washer?

washingmachineIf your washing machine is older than eight years old or if it shakes violently when you use it, the repairs will probably be quite expensive.

Same goes for if your washing machine is leaking a lot of it is making loud noises. Another trouble spot can be your connector hoses, so make sure to check those.

They need to be replaced every 5-7 years. If they rupture, or the connector valve is corroded, you could be dealing with significant water damage.

Do I Need a New Shower?

showertopIf your shower head is leaking a lot, has a lot of sediment or has uneven water pressure, it is worthwhile to get a new one. Also be on the lookout for black mold.

If you see that on the shower head, discard immediately because it can be hazardous to your health.

While you are getting a new shower head, make sure to pick a low-flow model that not only is better for the environment but also will help you save money on your water bills.

Should I Replace my Water Heater?

waterheaterTo start, how old is your water heater? Storage tank heaters that are more than 10-15 years old and tankless heaters that are pushing 20 years old will likely cost an awful lot to repair, depending on what the problem is.

If it is a small leak, it is probably a leaky valve, which can be fixed pretty easily. Other warning signs that suggest replacement include widespread corrosion and loud noises.

What Should I do With my Sink?

kitchensinkIf you’ve got a simple leaky faucet, you can probably fix it, but if you’ve fixed it a few times, you are better off getting a new one. What about getting a motion-activated faucet that will save water and money?

As for the plumbing beneath your sink, is it very rusty? Is it leaky? Is there a large mineral buildup? Are your pipes made of copper? All of these suggest that a pipe replacement may be the way to go.

For plumbing advice you can trust, give us a call!

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