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5 Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

5 plumbing problems in older homes

Older homes have an unapparelled charm that is hard to replicate. However, most times, that often comes with a price. Over the years, plenty of homeowners often up finding that their older properties have plenty of plumbing issue, which might require fixing.

While a few of these issues are simple and can be taken care of by the homeowner, others are more complex and may need the services of a skilled plumbing technician.

Clogged or Corroded Pipes

Clogged or corroded pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems in older homes. That said, many things such as the buildup of grease, hair, and dirt over the years can lead to clogging.

Corrosion can also happen when water sits in pipes for extended periods of time, causing the metal to rust. In the long run, this can lead to leaks and other major problems.

  1. Leaking Faucets

A leaking faucet might not seem like a big issue, but it can actually result in water and money wastage. A range of issues can trigger leaking faucets, including broken seals, rusty fittings, and loose or damaged washers.

A leaky faucet can waste plenty of water. In addition, it can also be a sign that there is something wrong with the faucet itself. If you notice your faucet is leaking, make a point of having it fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Rusty Water

Rusty water shows that the pipes in your older home have deteriorated. Deterioration of the water system can cause decreased water pressure and other issues.

In many older homes, the water might appear rusty because of the rust that is accumulating in the drainage system.

There are several factors that can lead to the buildup of rust. This includes the age of the house, the type of water heater, and the quality of the water supply.

If you suspect that the water in your property might be contaminated, then you can always test the water quality at home easily.

Rusty water can likewise be an indication that there is a leak in the pipes system. If you happen to notice rusty water, it is important to have it checked out by a professional to establish the cause and perform repairs.

  1. Garbage Disposal Issues

A clogged up or malfunctioning garbage disposal can trigger many plumbing issues. Among, the most common garbage disposal issues are that the disposal can end up being blocked by debris.

This can be a problem if there is a great deal of grease or food waste at the disposal. A clogged disposal can cause waste water to flow back into the sink or, in some cases, flood the kitchen area.

Another common problem with garbage disposals is that they can leak. This can be a severe problem, as it can cause water damage in the kitchen area.

If you are having problems with your waste disposal unit, it is advisable to call a plumbing service provider for help. They will identify the issue and suggest the very best course of action for repairing your garbage disposal.

  1. Slower Drainage

Another common problem with many older homes is slower drainage systems because of clogged drains and pipes. Various elements, such as accumulation of sediment and other debris in the pipelines, deterioration of the pipelines can cause this.

If your home’s drainage system is not draining water as quickly as it used to, it is important to act and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with a flooded bathroom or kitchen area and, in worst cases, a flooded home. Get in touch with us and receive professional plumbing services in Lafayette or beyond.