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Does Flushing a Clogged Toilet Make It Worse?

does flushing a clogged toilet make it worse?

Nothing is more frustrating than a clogged toilet, especially if multiple flushes only fill the bowl. While there are instances when brute force and a plunger are all you need to clear the clog, you should hire a professional plumber for repairs if it doesn’t work. The bathroom is a vital part of your building, and blockages can compromise comfort and cause safety hazards.

Plumbing Solutions can help you rectify the problem and ensure your toilet is functioning properly. Leverage our extensive experience and innovative equipment to address every plumbing issue with the utmost professionalism. If your toilet is clogged and flushing only worsens, don’t worry!

How to Unclog a Toilet

If flushing fills the bowl or nothing happens, the best solution is don’t flush a second time. Many people make the mistake of running gallons of water into the bowl, causing an overflow. Flushing multiple times will only end in disaster, hence the need to onboard a plumber. Although there are several DIY alternatives to correct the problem, ensure there’s a professional onsite. Here are common solutions homeowners can attempt to clear a blocked toilet.

Use Dish Soap

The easiest and least messy solution is dish soap, which we recommend if a plunger isn’t part of your arsenal. After pouring the solution into the bowl, it takes about 30 minutes to work properly. You can try to unclog the toilet after 15 minutes because some water will drain. Add one cupful of dish soap and carefully pour hot water into the bowl. Be careful not to overflow it as the soap lubricates the clog.

Wait 15 minutes to ensure the clog is completely dislodged and water levels return to normal. Add hot water into the bowl to ensure the blockage clears before flushing. Once the clog is removed, flush the toilet for confirmation and peace of mind.

Use a Plunger

Use a plunger to finish the job if the dish soap doesn’t clear the clog. There are many types of plungers, so ensure you use a toilet plunger to dislodge debris or organic matter effectively. The plunger creates a suction that pushes air into the clogged toilet. Plunge continuously but softly for about 10 to 15 minutes and check some water drains. Repeat the process until the drain is clear, but consider the next option if this doesn’t work.

Use an Auger/Drain Snake

A drain snake is a long cable you insert inside the toilet and fitted with a claw at the end. The drain snake extends until it reaches the obstruction, and the claw breaks the material up or pulls it back out of the way. You can get a drill at the local store, but we recommend hiring a plumber if you prefer a hands-off approach. A professional is well-equipped and skilled to handle mild and severe blockage emergencies.

Contact a dedicated  plumber in Walnut Creek or beyond, to learn more about effective solutions for a clogged toilet. Schedule an appointment to maintain an efficient plumbing system without breaking the bank.