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What Does Flushing Your Water Heater Do?

what does flushing your water heater do?

Homeowners often overlook their water heaters when providing care and maintenance. While most units will run for years without showing signs of deterioration, it doesn’t mean everything is in tip-top shape. Plumbing Solutions recommends scheduling routine inspections to address minor issues before the damage becomes irreversible.

Preventive measures like flushing go a long way in optimizing efficiency and durability. It gives our professional plumbers a chance to assess your unit for signs of wear or erosion and provide the needed repairs. If you are not convinced about routine flushing and maintenance, here’s what it does to your water heater.

Cleans Out Sediments

The number one cause of water heater malfunction is sediment accumulation within the tank. This overworks your unit by eroding the heating components at the bottom, especially for electric water heaters. If you notice underperformance or inefficiencies, call a professional plumber to inspect and flush your system. Most people ignore small signs like high electric bills or delays in heating, which result in severe damages and costly repairs. You can avoid such scenarios by scheduling regular flushing to keep your water heater in good condition.

Reduce Water Heater Noise

Like most systems, it is common for your water heater to produce sound when running. However, weird noises indicate a potential failure and require immediate attention before it gets out of hand. A noisy machine can be caused by scale buildup, and delaying maintenance can affect your unit’s ability to circulate water properly. Flushing your unit regularly may cost you, but it protects you from spending thousands of dollars on a new water heater.

Improve Heating Speeds

A new water heater is efficient and convenient, ensuring you have hot water runs in various faucets. Over time, debris accumulates within the tank and deters the heat transfer process, leading to delays and inconveniences. In addition, your hot shower will turn cold faster. When you flush your system, there’s a noticeable change in productivity and general performance. Plumbing Solutions can help restore your unit to optimum condition, alleviating such issues without breaking the bank.

Reduce Energy Costs

As mentioned, one of the telltale signs of water heater damage is high utility bills. Energy costs and heating speeds go side-by-side, as the more time your unit heats the water, the more energy it consumes. Flushing prevents overworking heating components from producing the same results and saves a lot of money on energy, unnecessary repairs, and premature replacement. We can offer the financial relief you deserve by scheduling routine maintenance inspections.

Avoid Foul Odors

Another reason to flush your system is to eliminate foul smells from your water heater. There are instances when the system malfunctions due to debris buildup, and clogged water produces weird smells in your living spaces. Although an air freshener might restore air quality, it is a temporary solution.

Contact a plumber in Orinda or beyond, to learn more about what flushing can do for your water heater. Leverage our experience and expertise to maintain an efficient system and save a lot of money and time in the long haul.

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