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What is a Slipper Bathtub?

what is a slipper bathtub?

Those who are looking for luxurious features for their bathroom should certainly take the time to consider different tub styles and the slipper bathtub especially. While you might use the tub less than the shower, they are still an essential element of any bathroom to help you get that soak you deserve. Plus, as many showers these days are seamless glass walls, the tub has really taken over as the visual centerpiece of the space. Choosing your bathtub is quite important to establish the overall feeling of your space. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, here is what you need to know about slipper bathtubs.

What is a Slipper Bathtub?

A slipper bathtub has one raised side that slopes down. It looks like a high heel pump shoe, with one end much taller than the other. The idea behind this bath is that you can recline comfortably against the taller side. Slipper bathtubs are vintage and work well with vintage bathrooms styles, although with the right adjustments, they can also look great in a very contemporary bathroom as well.

There is one important variation on the slipper bathtub: the double slipper. For this tub, both sides are raised and slope down to join in the middle. This is a more symmetrical look and large enough double slippers can accommodate two people.

Slipper bathtubs are also available with feet and skirts. Those who enjoy the tub for its vintage or luxurious feel may want to add feet, which are four legs that support the tub much like a chair. Skirts simply make the tub look like it is sitting flush on the floor. A skirt is a more modern choice.

How Do Slipper Bathtubs Compare?

Slipper bathtubs are larger and more elegant than many other tubs types, but they have downsides too. Unlike corner and oval tubs, they may take up a lot of room in the space. Also, because they tend to be so large and may even accommodate multiple people, sometimes you need to build additional support into the floor in order to safely install them.

Slipper bathtubs do look less modern than those bathtubs that had a flat profile, like square, rectangular, and even circular tubs. That said, they also favor the comfort of the bather much more than many of these tubs.

Slipper bathtubs have a close competitor in hourglass tubs. These tubs are oval but shaped like a tapered hourglass on the vertical axis. They kind of flute out at the top. The inner ridge can create an armrest and make the tub more comfortable. They also have an interesting shape without appearing to be vintage necessarily.

Keep in mind that, while slipper bathtubs look great, they’re usually not a good choice for the elderly or people with disabilities. The high sides can make it difficult to get in and out, and can easily create a slipping hazard. Learn more about good shower and tub options for the elderly.

Should I Choose a Slipper Bathtub?

If you have the budget for a slipper bathtub and find it’s level of comfort appealing, we think you should definitely choose one. If you’re worried about making the tub more modern, choose a symmetrical double slipper in all white. Or, add some personality with unusual materials like copper, nickel, or acrylic. A slipper bathtub can fit in with a huge range of bathroom styles.

Get in touch with a plumber in Orinda or beyond to help you choose the right slipper bathtub for you.