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What to Look for in a New Toilet

what to look for in a new toilet

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, and every element in it should be comfortable and convenient. The toilet is no different. If you’ve never been shopping for a toilet before, you may not realize that there are many different sizes, shapes, models and features to choose from. You can get a toilet to fit your exact needs. Here is what you should be looking for.

Toilet Size and Shape

The first thing you should always do is ensure that your toilet fits your space. Toilets are available in multiple sizes. To find the right one, you need to measure how much room there is for the base of the toilet on the floor and between the drainpipe and bolts. While most toilets are 12 inches, 10 and 14 inches are also relatively common too.

You might also consider the bowl shape. You can get rounded toilet bowl and those that are elongated. While elongated bowls are more popular, round bowls will fit into smaller spaces more comfortably.

Then there is the matter of toilet bowl height. If you have special accessibility concerns, like a walker or wheelchair, you may pick a 16-19 inch bowl. The standard shorter bowl is 14 to 15 inches.

Simple Cleaning

If you like the clean, modern look, you’ll be pleased that modern toilets with fewer ridges and flourishes look more modern and are easier to clean. There are fewer spots for dust to collect.

There are also one and two-piece toilets. Two piecemodels are less expensive but one piece toilets are easier to clean. The third option is wall mount toilets. These toilets are mounted right to the wall, and you can even sweep beneath them. However, they are expensive and need a whole different installation process.

Low-Flow Toilets

What about low-flow toilets? They tend to get a bad reputation for causing clogs. You can balance efficient water use with the likelihood to get a clog. We suggest you look at higher end low-flow models as they are better designed to flush. These will typically have larger trapways, which allow more water through at once and prevent clogging.

Other high-end low-flow toilets have dual flushing. You can choose between a smaller or larger flush so that you can prevent clogs without using too much water on every flush.

Or, consider pressurized toilets. These add pressure to the water as it flows down, preventing anything from getting stuck in the pipe.

Toilet Seats

There are many different toilet seats available on the market. First, the shape should match your bowl shape. Then, look for comfortable materials. There are plastic and polypropylene, but also real wood, molded wood and cushioned vinyl that might appeal to you a bit more.

You might also be interested in slow-close toilets which don’t slam down, so you don’t need to bend to put them all the way down.

You should get advice from your trusted plumber to ensure that you have chosen the right toilet for your home and your needs.