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Why Do Sink Drains Have a Curve in Them?

why do sink drains have a curve in them?

Have you ever wondered why sink drains have a curve in them? As you may be aware, it’s not just for looks – the curve actually plays an important role in draining water from the sink.

In this post, we will look at why that curve is there and what exactly it does for your sink.

What Is the Purpose of a Sink Drain Curve

Preventing Sewer Gasses from Entering Your Home

A sink drain curve is designed to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. The curve creates a trap that holds water and prevents the gas from escaping. If you don’t have a sink drain curve, then the gas can escape and enter your home through cracks in your floor or walls.

This can cause your home or kitchen to smell like a sewer.

Move Waste Water Faster

Apart from preventing sewer gasses, the curve in a sink drain helps to move the water faster and prevent clogs. The curve creates a Venturi effect, which occurs when a fluid flow is constricted. This increases the speed of the fluid and creates a vacuum. The vacuum in turn pulls air into the pipe, which helps move the water faster.

How Does the Curve Help to Prevent Clogs

The curve in a sink drain helps prevent blockages and clogging by preventing large pieces of food or debris from entering the drain. In addition, the curve forces water and smaller sized pieces of debris to flow down the drain, while larger pieces of food or particles are required to the side, where they can be easily eliminated.

Are There Any Alternatives to Curved Sink Drains?

There are several alternatives to curved sink drains pipes. One alternative is to use a straight drain pipe. This option can be difficult to set up and might not work well with particular types of sinks.

Apart from using a straight drain pipe, you can also use a U-shaped drain pipeline. This option is more commonly used and is much easier to set up than the straight drain pipeline. The U-shaped drain pipeline likewise works well with different type of sinks.

How Can You Keep Your Sink Drain from Getting Clogged

There are a couple of ways that a homeowner can keep their sink drain from getting blocked. One way is to set up a strainer in the drain. This will help to capture any food or particles that may be washed down the drain.

Another way is to clean the drain regularly with a plunger or a pipes snake.
By doing this, you can help to remove any build-up that may have formed in the drain in time. Last, you can also put a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. This will help separate any build-up that may be present and will help to keep your sink drain clear.

What Should You Do If Your Sink Drain Becomes Clogged

If your sink drain ends up being clogged up, the first thing you ought to do is to remove the strainer and any particles that might be caught in it.

Next, you can attempt using a plunger or a pipes snake to get rid of the obstruction. If these approaches do not work, you might need to call an expert plumber in Walnut Creek or beyond, to have the drain unclogged.